Blues Turn to Golds

I wanted to paint the scene for you, when this photo was taken because parts of it are a little humorous.   The plan for the outing was there were a couple of motion sequences I needed for a video project.    Basically, I was looking for golden hour light with some low and fast passes along the surf and a pull up and away to reveal the Bayway in the distance, the Mobile Skyline if possible.

I parked at Bayfront and made the walk through the Village Point Park Preserve with the Inspire suitcase in tow.   This thing really needs rollers.

I noticed some cars at the event haul near the main park but didn't think much of these until I got to the Village Point pier.    A small wedding party was hanging around near the pier, getting their photos taken by a photographer person.   

One thing that I know for sure about most women, is that flying robots have no place in their special day.  Armed with this life truth, I walked a comfortable distance away from them, in fact I kept going until I could no longer see the white of the Bride's gown.  

I made one of the eagle-scout-project benches my home.

Listening to tunes on my iPhone, in a few minutes I was able to get the Inspire deployed within a few minutes and began filming.    It was hot, it was sticky, there are creatures biting.  Typical southern Alabama coastal moments.

I was able to get a battery of filming done between crowds and passer bys.   Eventually, though - the session was cut somewhat short by some curious wildlife.

Normally, I wouldn't take photos of the kids that stop and ask questions about Drones.   But these two kids were cracking me up for a number of reasons. 

The boy had no reservations whatsoever to get entirely too close to the quad, even when flying.   Chasing it, trying to grab it out of the air - all seemed like a great idea in his little mind.

I didn't see their parents around, so I cut my session short. 

The moral of this story is, beware of wildlife during your drone adventures.  If a wild one gets clipped by a spinning propeller, it would certainly be my fault, parents or none.   If you are flying a drone and feel the situation is no longer safe - stop.  

There are always more sunsets out there to enjoy. :)