Comical Origins of Serious Passions

Have you ever stopped to consider the origin of some of your interests and passions? 
I was pondering on this the other day while playing Indiana Jones Pinball with some friends.

Personally, I'm heavily drawn to the general idea of exploration.  Exploration of foreign lands, exploration of space, exploration of knowledge.   Ironically, much of this as at odds with my chosen career of a person who gets paid literally to sit at a desk all day long.

As the knight in the Last Crusade might say, "He chose, poorly."

But where did I get those notions?   The plane pictured here is one of two on Disney's cruise-ship island in The Bahamas.   The story goes that at least one of them was a derelict, left behind when this island (with a runway!) was used for drug smuggling.

What this plane really reminds me of is LaunchPad McQuack's plane from Duck Tales!   I would come home from school and plop down in front of the TV to catch Scrooge McDuck's adventures with his nephews nearly every day.   It had adventure, it had travel, the mystique of treasure hunting and clear plots around the virtues of working smartly.

With these visuals and those of Indiana Jones, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and similar movies it really is no wonder why I'm fixated on the idea of exploration and anxious to go out and see the world.   Even when chained to a desk! :)

So my question is this.  Does popular media form our children's later inclinations or does it inform them?  Are my kids destined to be obsessed with mining and building things? :)

Duck Tales is scheduled to be rebooted in 2017.  I wonder if Scrooge McDuck's money bin has been affected by inflation or diminished in any way by bad derivative investments in the sub-prime lending crisis.   I guess we will have to wait and see!