The USS Alabama in Film

When I first moved to the Gulf Coast, we were in a sort of .. homeless.. situation.   Not quite 'under-the-overpass' homeless but 'living-in-a-hotel' homeless.   

The USS Alabama is sort of like the first friend I made as a teen relocating to Alabama.  We lived at the now-gone Ramada Inn on the causeway.  2 adults, a teen and a couple doberman pinchers.    We stayed there because mom was a dog person and they allowed the dobermans.

The room would get crowded so I would spend my time making mischief around the hotel, swimming in the pool or walking down to the Battleship park, looking for vacationers my age to hang out with.

In my 30's, I regard the USS Alabama as an old-friend.   Now living a couple miles down the road, I like to see her on the horizon and I like to use her for photography.   

One thing I find profoundly cool is that this museum ship gets tapped as a locale for movies on occasion.  That's awesome!

Steven Seagal kicked lots of butt in the 1992 film Under Siege, much of which was filmed here.

As was War and Remembrance, Rapid Fire.    This summer, she'll get some action again as a film locale for the movie, USS Indianapolis.

Exciting times for Mobile this trusty icon!

On the day when I spent some time at the USS Alabama Park (I was actually waiting to see what the sunset was going to do) I shot some drone footage around her as well.  It is here:

-The video is somewhat sped up because the pan around was pretty slow.