Movement and Shadows at Dusk

There is an alligator to the right center area of the pier.   Really.

Isn't it funny how words change over time?   The word Drone, for instance.  A decade ago, before Drones became the military's seemingly go-to gadget for raining death from the skies in foreign theaters of war and before drones were known as hobbyist gadgets, and photography tools or delivery gimmicks, they were worker bees in the hive.

Something you probably didn't pay much attention to in Natural Sciences because the word, Drone, used to be synonymous w/ the word boring.  

"My date just kept droning on about his job and..."

Today, (some) folks find them interesting.   Even on Big Bang Theory last night, while I was taking this photo, the sitcom poked fun at a wayward DJI Phantom, gone awry from the characters' need to tinker with the internals instead of following the calibration steps accurately.

For the camera drone / quad copter enthusiast, these becoming popular can be both good and bad.  On the good side, popular things are harder to out-law or regulate.  

On the bad side of things, I'm finding it harder to shoot landscapes with one without drawing a crowd of interested onlookers with questions about their capabilities.