USS Alabama March 2015 -via the Inspire One

I frankly hesitated, stepping up from the DJI Phantom 2 to the DJI Inspire One.  Biggest reason for my hesitancy was that I felt I had a workable system with the DJI Phantom 2, though it had its quirks.  I wasn't sure if the extra investment would be 'worth it' for the newer system.   Chief among them being, the lack of integration between the Quad and the Go Pro.  

Even though there is a remote control with the Go Pro Black Edition that I was flying, it shares a radio signal adjacent with the control interface of the quad.  Using the wifi remote, could end in peril.   For stills, putting the Go Pro into Time Lapse, interfered with the FPV feed.    So, I'd generally record 4k video and carve out still frames later.  It worked well enough for most purposes..

One of the biggest Pros that i'm experiencing with the Inspire One is that camera control via a Mobile device on the ground makes a huge difference.  Being able to switch between video and photo mode, control exposure and bracketing and shoot RAW were all some great touches to the overall Inspire package.    It is ridiculously stable - even more so than my DJI Phantom 2 was and super easy to fly.    

The only surprising drawback I'm experiencing with the Inspire One is that the FPV feed doesn't appear to extend to the full advertised 2 km control range of the radio and the FPV video feed can be jerky with high latency at distances over 500m.   I won't be FPV racing an Inspire One anytime soon but these are all minor setbacks in what I'm finding is an otherwise perfect aerial photography tool.