Fired Up

Today, six people converged on the Spanish Fort Fire Department, to start some fires.

.. It wasn't a band of hooligan arsonists.  Instead it was the group of volunteers from Fired Up

The concept is pretty novel.   They BBQ Epic ribs and sell them for a given charity.  The slogan says it all, "Making a Difference Through BBQ."

This isn't your leisure cookout of the guys guzzling beer, telling war stories over some brats.

Four custom-made smoker-griller trailers, churned out ~ 250 ribs.

Putting on Rub, cooking, turning, pulling off the grill, seasoning and wrapping..  These guys stayed busy!

"Dave the Drone" got a little use this afternoon shooting interesting angles of the cooking setup.

The Results?  Yep, we took a rack home for lunch.   They were quite good!  Just the right balance of spice & sweetness.    Follow these guys on their website, or on facebook and when they are near you, stop by and buy some epic ribs.   When else can you get great food and give to a good cause?