Fun at the 2015 Fairhope Film Festival

This year I was invited by a friend to tag along and do some shooting at the Fairhope FIlm Festival.   The goal was to put the drones to use for some off-eye-level shots that could be used for next year's promotional videos.  

On that aspect, there wasn't a ton for me to shoot (movies are indoors, most of the time!) but I did have a great time and got to meet plenty of interesting film-makers and artists.

During the opening night party, at Regions Bank in Downtown Fairhope, they showed Roy2k's Lake of Dreams.   It is a spectacular look at Burning Man, shot and compiled into some jaw-dropping visuals.   Check it out below.

As an added bonus, I got to meet and talk w/ Roy2k for a good bit of time about his Burning Man experiences.   I really need to put work on a back burner and get to this one of these days!

Check out Roy2k's site here:

And finally, an aerial view of the opening night party, shot from the Inspire: