Moon, You are Always Super to Me!

It sorta makes me cringe when the news cycle start up about the 'super-moons'.   I cut to this cartoon (in my head at least) that I'm not talented enough to draw, of a silly moon-boy-person in a cape running around and insuring the seasons and controlling the tides.

I mean, the moon really is super- all of the time, not just when the news anchor says so! 

From an astrophotography perspective it was a little bit of a bust.    I had planned to shoot two or three dozen 36 megapixel quadrants and then combine them as a gigantic Mosaic.   

Instead, I've been battling some sort of stomach bug for an oddly length amount of time but I did manage to eek out a couple prime-focus shots, despite haze, cloud cover and a rumbly-in-ma-tummy.

All that aside, I prefer the less-than-full moons.  More drama in the shadows makes for better photos (just my opinion).