Night / Fair

Baldwin County's Fair is in Town
This year they appear to have gone with a new Amusement Vendor. I was always quite partial to the layout of the old fair from a stuff-photography perspective. It was dark and made for fun long exposure shots of rides. The placement of the rides made it easy to get great shots..
That being said, this year's fair-company seems different in some ways that I believe fair-goers will appreciate. For one, the grounds are considerably brighter, which makes for a safer-feeling environment. I noticed handheld photography was quite possible as reasonable ISO settings.
One huge improvement - I didn't notice cables pulled everywhere along the grounds like I have with previous years.
I think I struggled a bit this year finding cool shots while we walked around but I think all things considered fair-goers seemed to enjoy the new digs.
I do miss the photography opportunities of the gigantic rope-swing-thing, though.
..And as you can see I did take a little time to Fly around the grounds to get some aerial video. I normally don't fly our camera drones in potentially crowded spots.
I have plenty of confidence in my ability to fly it reliably but I do not wish to in any way contribute to the hyperbole associated with camera / quad copters in the public eye.
If you notice, I chose a rather unpopulated time to do the aerial work.
Plus I never actually flew directly over the fair / so no chance of a crashing quad interfering with ride safety.