Delta Sunshine

At one point, last year around this time, I had three drones. They were named Alvin, Simon and Theodore. ;)

Alvin(a heavily modified Phantom), went for a swim in the bay towards the left side of this shot, Simon (A FlameWheel 550 HexRotor) found a new owner on eBay.

That leaves Theodore, who so far has been quite the trusty little quadcopter :) 30 minute flight time, FPV Goggles makes filming an enjoyable experience.

I'm not really thrilled with flying any of these around people, so I'm excited that the summer-tourist season is over and take back to the air.

I found one other, sort of silly use for Theodore. I was flying down the gutter-lines of the house to see if they needed to be clean. The prop-wash effectively removed all of the loose debris in the gutters.

.. Gutter cleaning by drone. I can see the hyperbolic news cycle, now..