Zen Moments

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I very much admire Zen ideals and I do, in my life and career try to exhibit some stereotypical zen-like qualities of peace, calm, slowness-to-anger, etc.

I try, anyway and usually fail. :)

But that's the problem with being passionate about things, when you actually care about outcomes, it is hard to react like a robot.

I encountered a company recently in my programming world that has these zen-references on their marketing face. I've found the people in the company to be decidedly un-zen to deal with.

Inflexible, short-sighted, combative and defensive, yet obviously brilliant. I dunno, I'm sure it is all my fault but I was expecting Jeff Bridges and ended up finding Steve Jobs.  It was especially surprising b/c they were a marketing firm and usually sales and marketing people are more.. 'bright and shiny'.

I keep trying to remind myself that the reason they frustrate me so much is that it reminds me of my own obstinance.  :)