Made in China

Over the weekend, my little girl (She's 8) turned over a cup and exclaimed, "Made in China!"  Why does everything say that?

At that moment, I wondered how to answer it.   

I thought about my years working for Wal-Mart during school, my perspectives at that time from the "Wal-mart Effect" principles of race-to-the-bottom retail pricing and my own challenges as a minimum wage - earner.

I thought about my years working in Customs - Foreign Trade Zone software and what I learned about the lopsided Tarrif structures that put American manufacturers importing parts from overseas at an uneven playfield w/ oversees manufacturers importing finished goods.

I thought about our own huge tax burden, the challenges that tax system puts on Small Business owners, stifling growth.    Then I thought about our failing national infrastructure and how those taxes are needed for infrastructure projects.

I thought about the human-rights issues in China versus the failing of our own education system to teach useful skills for the next generation workforce.

She could tell, she could read it in my stare that I was about to perch upon my soap box and go into "old guy" mode.   Finally concluding with some long-winded and preachy "When I was a kid / Get off my lawn" - themed dissertation...

So, I finally answered with:

"Yummy Chinese food.    Makes it easier to build cool stuff without feeling too full all day."

Yep, I'm going to leave it at that.