Must... shoot.. in.. RAW!!

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I will freely admit that ever since I started using Lightroom a few years back, I've become somewhat of a "Raw Snob".
What's that?  Our refrigerator doesn't shoot in RAW?  It's crap!

But.. honey.. it's just a refrig... nevermind.

It's like I'm channeling Admiral Ackbar "It's a TRAP!" but instead "It MUST BE RAW!"
And yes.. I think I fell into the trap laid by some over-opinionated 'professional' who wrote on some photography blog somewhere that shooting in RAW + JPEG is stupid and needless...

Yet, now I find myself cleaning up/ archiving brackets of photos from 2011 and I have to say, I really wish I had out-of-camera JPEGs for these shots, so that as I delete the 40+ meg RAW files at least I'd have a pure example of the image for historical posterity.

So, what spawned this is I had turned off Camera RAW inadvertently and went out to shoot the Zinnias in my wife's garden.     At first I cussed alot when I saw the herd of JPEGS evacuating the memory card but then it occurred to me, 

"Dang, that camera has pretty good color!"
What's a Corellian to do?  For now, I guess it’s continue exporting to JPEG and deleting those RAWs from 2011.. :)