Your Job for the Next Three Months..

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We stood around in the newer areas of Magic Kingdom, around from the addition, an area called Gaston's Tavern that sells frozen apple juice in collector mugs my kids fight over at dinner. (Though, we have spares now!) :)
This area wasn't really crowded, I guess the rains earlier in the day had thinned out the herds, somewhat..

Anyway, an employee was orienting two new 'cast members' and directed them to stand back a ways to get the best view of the fireworks as he advised, "This will be your job for the next 3 months, how cool is that?"

While I'm sure their jobs will involve a good deal more than watching fireworks I appreciated his enthusiasm.   
I was also way happy to be able to shoot fireworks, hand-held (with autofocus!) w/ a crop-sensor lens and get some very usable results.  If the A7R is this good, the A7S is going to be incredible for this..