The Happiest Place on Earth..?

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They Say that Disney is the happiest place on Earth. I hope that isn't true. (a-hem, I happy to know the happiest place on earth for me is on a sailboat but that's for another time)

Disney's always been a cool vacation for us. I remember this band trip in High School, just taking rolls and rolls of film (and most if it not coming out)

Though, this will hopefully be our last trip here for a couple years. Time away, new things and all that..

Normally, I try to shoot the landmarks of the parts without people in the shots. Unfortunately my usual favorite spots are all screwed up with construction walls and equipment. So, this time, I'm working to find new (for me) favorite spots and methods.... I thought it would be different to try to capture the hustle and bustle of this many people, crammed in a park, walking over one another.

Some babies screaming, some kids laughing, some parents doing a little of both.

Again, probably not the happiest place on Earth but there are certainly worse vacations a person could take with kids :)

This was shot hand held so please forgive any slight camera motion!