Little Tiger Hibiscus, Sunnin' Its Junk

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These were one of the 18 replacement hibiscus I replanted this year, they seem to be pleased with the rain we've received over the last few days.
If you stop and think about it.   Flowers really are quite scandalous.   They wait for broad daylight and sit out in the open, sunning their hoo-haw's for all to see.   I mean, if people did that, it would be all over the news.   (Or at least facebook)

Yeah, I promise I'm not high, was just thinking about that while I was working on the manual focus on on the stamens for clarity.    

Manual focus on the A7R is pretty well done.  All of the NEXs have had this clever feature that they will zoom in and manual-focus assist as you touch the focus ring when in Manual Focus Mode.  

That is still present but with the added convenience of an on-demand manual focus button.  It doesn't sound like much but the NEX-5 / 6 /7 did have kludgy menus and this is a nice move to avoid having to do multiple clicks in the (considerably improved) menu to get your manual focus on.

I used the SEL18200 on the Sony A7R for this.  The SEL18200 is  a broad range APS-C 'walk-around' lens and isn't necessarily known for its sharpness but I think it does well.   When using it with the A7R full frame, the camera detects the presence of an APS-C lens and goes into APS-C mode which essentially crops the image down to 15 megapixel.   I disabled that mode and did the crop myself.

So, I have all of this amazing old Minolta Gear from when I was doing Film work right out of high school.    A Minolta AF 100mm f2.8 Macro, a Minolta AF 85mm 1.4 Prime, an 80-200mm API f/2.8 Minolta.   

Hopefully, this week the LA-EA4 E Mount will finally arrive so I can put them to proper use again.   That will be a really good test of if this is a clear image or not. :)