Everything is Awesome

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I had a chance over the weekend to finally catch 'The Lego Movie' with my kids.    It was a fun movie, my kids really enjoyed it.  Lots of creatively block-styled animation and tongue in cheek humor of the characters poking fun at their personas.  

Though, I was struck that I'm a little like the Villain in the movie.   A dad-figure who wants everything in it's place, and thus commits plans to use Krazy Glue to permanently affix legos in their built form.    I've totally threatened to do that.      I guess, the completely built Lego X-Wing is way more interesting to me than the pile of legos said x-wing can quickly be distilled down to.. :)

But, I digress.

So, in the movie there were these not-so-subtle jabs at social conformity.   Everyone watches the same pointless TV Sitcom, everyone is known for "one thing" in the way we often build simplified stereotypes of those around us. Everyone listened to the same song, ostensibly called, "Everything is awesome!!" that spread the virtues of teamwork and conformity.   Sadly, that two-verse song is stuck in my head now.

Though, at least when sitting on a mostly abandoned beach watching the sun fall below the horizon in blazing spectacles of color and sounds of gulls laughing and waves lapping:  Everything is pretty awesome.