The Coming Squirrel-pocalypse

Like any war, someone had to fire the first shot.   In the war of the Dodd family versus the squirrels, the squirrels fired first.    

It was more than a shot, heard 'round the neighborhood, it was an invasion.

They came in from all sides, unexpectedly.   At first, we were not sure of their intentions until they struck.   it started with a pool-net and quickly progressed to other summer-time toys in the yard. 

Their appetite for destruction was like a dark wave that passed over our community in the hot September evenings.  

 As they began to walk the gutter-line seeking the breach the attic perimeter, something had to be done.  At last we decided to fight back.   In the end it was about hearts-and-minds, about propaganda.  

I sighted in the scope on my Ruger Talon .177 pellet gun.  It had been years since I had brandished the weapon in shooting sports with the Boy Scouts but it came back to me quickly.   Frankly I was pleasantly surprised in the accuracy @ 50 yards on par with my .223 AR15 and the recoil even less than my 9mm HK94 MP5.  

(Those other weapons seemed a bit of overkill, however.)

A 11" x 14" target was left near the picnic table.   Riddled with holes, it left a clear message that this destruction would not be tolerated.  

This weekend, the squirrel nation sent an emissary to negotiate a lasting peace.   While negotiations are ongoing, we are hopeful this bitter conflict will come to an end before lives are lost.