Curious Angles & Curious People


So, I haven't written about this much, before but I've been working on the arena of aerial photography (and videography) again.    Every few years I get the notion that getting off of eye-level will solve my "be different" dilemma.

I have an hour or so of video on the cutting room floor, so to speak that hopefully I can do something with one of these days, after I fill in the holes.   But, right now, being winter -- the crowds being low -- it is definitely "filming season" for me.

One of my crafts, a pretty heavily modified DJI Phantom has been giving me fits.   The GPS features that are supposed to make it easier to fly (film)  (or at least provide a safety net of sorts) -- haven't been behaving.
Today, I miscalculated that the Fairhope / Magnolia Beach area of Fairhope Pier might not be so crowded and might provide an adequate unpopulated space to fly and capture video / stills.

Even though it wasn't crowded, oh boy were there lots of people inquisitive types out today.   Some with the normal level of questions /interest but some with some genuine, unfounded - fear.   

One such guy, referred to the camera as a 'turret'  which might have been the funniest thing I've heard all week.
At any rate, it wasn't a meaningful outage for capturing the Pelican's eye view flights over the water I had storyboarded for this section but I definitely met some interesting people, so there's that. :)