The USS Alabama

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I feel a bit of a kinship with the U.S.S. Alabama.   We spent this one crazy summer together.. :)

When we first moved down to Alabama, we lived in this hotel on the causeway, the Ramada Inn, which was recently finally demolished.   (Behind R&R Seafood, for the locals)   Kind of a long story but we were homeless, in a sense.    Not, like.. under the overpass in a cardboard box homeless, more like, "oh, well maybe burning the house down for insurance money wasn't a great idea", homeless.

At any rate.   As a stir-crazy teen stuck in a hotel room with my parents for a million big dogs (dobermans), I often found ways to entertain myself along the causeway.   One such way was to go loaf around the Battleship Park.  I walked down there (alot) and they were really kind to me, letting me come in for free all the time.

So, I'm happy we live close to the USS Alabama. Makes for an easy jaunt of nostalgia. 

This day, that nostalgia involved flying cameras and I behaved.  I really-really wanted to fly across the deck but I did not.    Where this shot was taken, I was controlling the craft from down the causeway a bit, beside the base of a bridge near Tacky Jacks.   The video signal on the headset was starting to tweak a bit and this was about as close as I felt comfortable getting.     I may fly it from the pier one day soon, stay tuned :)