Chain Letters

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I've often thought about theming my blog posts as the reminiscent ramblings of an older - crotchetier version of my future self, telling tales to my grandchildren on how life once was.    Doogie Howser's WordPerfect Diary meets How I Met Your Mother plus a camera.

If I were doing that theme, today would be the day when I would tell them about Chain Letters.    
"You see, kids..  back in my day, we didn't have tweets and Facebook status updates.  
The only Spam we were knew about, we ate for lunch with a can of Pringles and a Big Red.  We had these annoying things called Chain Letters.   

Out of nowhere, you see -- this letter would appear addressed to you but without a return address.    It would often be handwritten (we used pens back in those days) and would promise that if we were to distribute the message of the chain letter to 5 or 10 other people, then we would be granted a windfall of riches, avoid some calamity or other such nonsense..."

But, today… the chain letter comes in the form of a Facebook status, "Share this on your timeline if you agree. / If you don't I'll unfriend you / know you don't really care about me.   Signed:  Your third cousin-in-law's dog walker, twice removed, in Albania."

(sigh)   At least when I was a kid, it cost the price of a stamp to be stupid.   Now, it's free.

With Love on Labor Day,
Crotchety Bill