.. they rode off into the sunset...

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I've still been following the search efforts to find The Nina and her crew, who went missing around the Tasmin Sea, back in June.
Officials have long since called off search and rescue efforts, yet family members and supporters continue to commission private search flights, coordinated with a crowdsourced satllite imagery analysis effort powered by Tomnod. (http://tomnod.com/nod/challenge/ninarescue2)

It is a real-life drama unfolding and I very much feel for the families of the crew as they look for answers regarding their missing loved ones.  

Following the comments on this and other  sites you can see the different sides of humanity at play.   In one corner, the desperate family members keeping faith against all odds that the crew could still be rescued.
In another corner well-meaning and good spirited supporters aiding the efforts through donations and other efforts.   

In another corner, occasional, inevitable naysayers who cloud their efforts with a cynical blend of gloomy realism.  
However it turns out, I think it is a glimpse that people can come together in selfless ways to be decent.   If the big-hollywood style near-apocalypse were to strike tomorrow, maybe we'd all be alright.

.. or maybe we wouldn't :|

You can follow the family and supporter efforts at:  https://www.facebook.com/ninarescue?ref=br_tf