A Room With a View

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The clever people on the internet could easily come up with a funny meme about this property.     I can hear them now, "A-LABAMA!"   .

And... yes.. this picture is from Alabama.    But, before you make wisecracks about the split-level home from The Board Game LIFE or about Duck Dynasty, let me explain to you why this man is a genius.
Sitting at the foot of a bridge on a less-crowded Alabama Highway is this small boat launch and bait shop.    The owner (and I presume, son) occupy this piece of land and if you can get the older man to speak with you he'll tell you:  "Yep, I think I have me a piece of God's country here."
and he's right.

The sunrises peak through the trees and you get a good sense of how the sun moves through the seasons.    In the evenings, the sun sets across the Delta near the Mobile, Alabama skyline.    If you're sitting on this porch, you have only to look across a picturesque bridge up the inlet into the Delta..    The only thing blocking his view is his own pontoon boat, which he uses to explore these waters that he has lived at nearly all of his life.
Sometimes, the sun will set between the buildings in the far distance of the Mobile, Alabama skyline.   Other times it cuts through the trees and casts orangey rays across the bridge onto near-perfect reflections in the water, here.

So, some folks might look at this and say "Yep, that's Alabama for you."

I look at it say, "This man is a genius."  :)