Nokia, Meet Meade

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 Nokia, Meet Meade

Last week I walked into an At&t store and asked, 

"Can you sell me a Nukia 1020 without a contract?"
"Sure, what's your number?"
"I'm a verizon customer, I don't want service - just the device."

.. They looked at each other in a puzzled way, made some calls and eventually.. sold me the phone..

The real reason was for a development project I'm on (porting an Android App to Windows Phone)..   

The secondary reason in my mind was this...   A 41 megapixel sensor paired with my telescope.   Lightweight and easy to attach to an eyepiece. 

My first attempt here, isn't perfect but the phone did well and the experience was enjoyable.  I'll just get better from here. Can't wait to try for some planets as the cool nights kick in..