The Creepy Dude at the Pier

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A couple weeks ago I was at the Gulf State Pier, by myself.   I had one of these really awesome awkward moments.   I had walked around the pier and taken a bunch of shots with my littlier camera (The Sony NEX-7). Photographers were out.    A few of the professional types but mostly moms, dads, uncles with cameras shooting family and friends. 

That's how I judged it, anyway.

As I was leaving, this lady was setting up her camera on a tripod and her husband and kids were obediently in line against a sea-oat fence.  They were clearly related because of similarity in age and the more obvious fact that they all matched, clothing wise.   A DIY family portrait session in progress.  She was awkwardly fidgeting with the tripod and camera.   Since I happened to walk by, I offerered, "Hey if you'd like to jump in there, I can take a shot for you with you all in the shot."

She sized me up.  Bald - fat guy with a crappy looking camera.   Boat shoes that have been repaired at the Shoe Hospotal too many times, walking alone on the beach with a camera.    "Uhh, well, uhh.. I just gotta, you know.. get this setup and.. uhh...  well, and ug..."

Yeah, she thought I was a creeper.   That's how I suspect she judged it, anyway.
I lingered for a moment, probably too long before it hit me, then threw the customary, "Well, you guys have a great night!" at her husband with a wave to her and went on about my business.

It reminds me of a lesson I learned in High School.   It's really easy to walk around with a pissed off look on your face so that people leave you alone.   It is work, on the otherhand, to commit random acts of kindness with strangers.
I'll work harder at it next time :)