The Blue Domes of Destiny

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These are the Radomes on the bow of Disney's Dream.   It was extraordinarily windy out here at times, even with the cleverly-placed wind shields on the bow.  I will freely admit that I'm no expert with regard to radar.

However, in training for a Ham Radio license years-and-years-ago, I did learn a thing or too about electromagnetic radiation in general.    Enough, that I wouldn't choose to sit on the chairs beneath these radar domes.  

Yet, probably every time I came to the bow of the boat, it was empty save for a person or two (sometimes a couple) lounging in the chairs beneath them.

Reminds me of:

In Men in Black 3, Josh Brolin in the 1960's talks on a futuristic wireless phone.    Will Smith's advice to him is: "Don't put that thing to your head man!!"

... I believe the same applies here on the radar arrays of a cruise ship.  Yet, folks seemed to have no problems lounging beneath them (in the chairs molded into their bases).    Not me, I'll get my brain radiated the old fashioned way, microwaving popcorn and talking on a cellphone.