Power of Photography Show Results

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I ran out this afternoon to pick up my submissions for the Wide Angle Photo Club's Power of Photography Show.  It gave me a chance to briefly walk around and take in everyone's submissions.

WOW.  I was floored.  What a great collection of talent was on display at the Pensacola Museum of Art for this show!!    

I even looked through the pile of those photos that were not judged into the show.   Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff both hanging on display and in those boxes!    It was really both humbling and inspiring to see the great photography we have being produced right here on the Gulf Coast.

First photography contest I've ever entered (minus the Smithsonian)..  So, how did I do?   Honestly, I didn't even expect to get past the judging into the show.   I was surprised to find that of the 9 prints I submitted, 4 were judged into the show!    

Then, I saw this third place ribbon...

I thought, "oh cool, someone else out at the pier doing shadow cast work" then it hit me. "Wait, that was actually mine."  I checked the tag twice in disbelief. :)

I'll say this, after seeing the other photos in this category, this third place was a very kind nod from the judges.   There was some seriously awesome images that had I been in a judging position, would definitely have rated higher over this shot, any day of the week!! 

All of the Wide Angle Photo Club people were gracious and friendly, just like my home photo club over at the Eastern Shore Camera Club.     I'll have to endeavor to get over to Pensacola one of these days to check out their meetings too!