The Approaching Thunderhead..

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I sat with my elbows on the pier railing, steading the shot without my tripod.   Lightning was starting to strike and the frequency of the thunder had begun to change as it got closer to where we were.  Most people had retreated to their cars or gone home.
An older lady walked past me, "You know you have your arms in fish guts, right?"  (She nodded to the rail)
I've spend enough time on piers that I am familiar with the common practice and apparent danger related to fisherman cleaning bait in the pier rails.    She then muttered something about getting struck by lightning, again.. and walked off towards the beach and park area.

I thought to myself that someone standing on a pier during a lightning storm and mentioning to strangers that she'd been struck by lightning once before is probably looking for attention.   Alas she had already left so I couldn't oblige.    All that was left was me, my camera, my fishgut-covered arms and a pretty beautiful bit of approaching atmosphere.