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The man on the moon laid comfortably on the couch of the therapist.  
"I tell you, they just don't appreciate me anymore.   I control the tides, I keep the seasons in check, I stabalize the orbit and take a pounding in rocks that are meant for Earth.   But does that make them happy?   NoOoOooOo!    Instead they are all googley-eyed over Saturn.    'Saturn is pretty, it has rings..'    

Stupid Saturn.

I had rings too once, but no one was around to see that!   I tell you, it starts like this and the next thing you know, you are like Pluto, BAM out of the solar system maps, books, websites."

..The therapist sat calmly, looked over the rims of his glasses and spoke calmly.  "I see, it sounds like you have a classic transference of resentment, possibly related to a strained relationship with your mother."

"Screw this!" The Man on the Moon shouted and walked stormed out the door.
The Moon sulked on the subway ride from the therapist's office.   Something had to change.  As The Man on the Moon emerged near Time Square, it got a brief advertisement on one of the smaller Jumbo-trons near the street.
"Don't let opportunity pass you by."  The announcer continued.. "R & J Associates is a leader in advertising, marketing and brand management.  From multi-faceted global campaigns to search engine optimization, we have you covered..."

A week later, The Man on the Moon rested comfortably back at his rocky home in the sky.    The stars glimmered brightly around him, possibly reflecting the hope he had for the coming events.   He played the conversation back in his mind.

"What you need is a good old fashioned marketing promotion and rebranding with all the trimmings!  We will pull out all the stops!  A book deal, a press tour: including nightly news & the Weather Channel, we'll leverage social media, radio, television and print.    But we  need an angle....."

..the slickly dressed marketing tycoon paused for a second and stroked his oddly formed facial-flavor-savor.

"I got it!  We'll call it... The SUPER Moon.    It's something you do every 14 phases, anyway which will give us opportunity to re-run the same materials.     THIS is what you need, THIS will get you the recognition you deserve, the recognition you have coming!"

...The Man on the Moon wasn't sure about all of the nightly - TV spots and newspaper advertising but one thing settled his mind.   "At least during The Supermoon, I can use my brightness to partially obscure terrestrial observation of that stupid, up-start, smug Saturn and his stupid rings."


I'd hoped to pair up the NEX-7 with the telescope for some epic-crazy-clear shots of the moon but alas the little NEX-7 is still away at the Atlanta-based camera-day-spa getting the sensor cleaned.  I sat outside with a conbination of D800 and iPhone and Telescope and watched as the "SUPER-Moon" rose between the treetops near my backyard.  Manual Focus on, a clicked away at the moon, jumping between 100 and 400 ISO and trying various apertures and shutter times..   Meanwhile the telescope obediately tracked along and the iPhone snapped some super clear up-close shots of just the moon.  
(Well, clear except for dust and muck on the eyepiece and telescope mirrors)

When I sat back down, I found that all of my images were tagged with an ISO of 6400.    
My dummy self still has ISO Auto On (with an anchor ISO of 100)   -- I guess I've spent too many hours playing with that sony and it's fewer-moving-parts.

This,  more abstract shot is an adjustment of my strategy, just making lemonade from the 6400 ISO lemons. :)
(And yes they are actually still pretty clear at 6400, I added the grain)