The Glass Artisan of San Angel Inn

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I have to admit that I was evidently spurred by a latent memory of a shot from RC Conceptions photo stream on Google Plus for this shot. I just went back and found it here:   (Man, his body of work blows me away)

(I recall that I believe he made a second pass on this image in post and made it even awesomer but I can't find that one.)

At any rate, I wanted to make this a little more dark and mysterious than it really was.    Challenges aplenty.   Shot handheld on a super-busy day, there was a huge crowd gathered against the glass (this was shot through a window) to watch this man work.   One such crowd member had annoyingly bright white-rimmed yuppy sunglasses that took me a bit to heal out of the image. :)  Still, I can now mark this off my bucket list as a shot that I wanted to try to capture.