The Beach Chairs @ the Apocalypse

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For some reason, every time I see these beach chairs (which were Eagle Scout projects along the Eastern Shore) I'm reminded of this:


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Which, were these VIP observers of a Nuclear Bomb test during Operation Greenhouse at Enewetak Atoll in 1951.
I've even considered photoshopping in a mushroom cloud but it seems like that crosses a line. The good news is, the guy in the front, in shorts is finally going to get a tan on those legs.

.. I'm also reminded of the movie Deep Impact.   I know it has Morgan Freeman and a bunch of other actors that didn't burn brightly enough to be exposed on the often dull photographic plate of my memory.  

There was this scene where one of the main actresses, a skinny blond lady with the hint of a dutch accent and a strange tendency to to bite her lip while remembering her lines and her previously estranged bio-dad who strangely had some ukranian accent, hold onto each other in reconciliation as a tidal wave crushes them.

It was meant to be a touching moment, nerfed somehow by the hollow acting - just my opinion.

At any rate..  So here's the setup.   The end is nigh and you can't escape it.  You know it's coming, you know when.   Be it an asteroid, a sunspot or any of the innumerable Hollywood envisioned horrors doled out by Earth to we, the poor stewards of this planet.. You have on your iCal/outlook calendar , The End of the World at some specific time.    How do you spend it?

For me, I like the idea of the unbelievable dad and daughter on the beach from Deep Impact.  Go get good seats for the end.   Though, in practicality (being responsible for two school aged kids that need not know of such horrors) I would probably just hang at the house and distract the kids from the news by playing Mario and keeping them and their mom close.  The last meal would be a steak cooked on my trusty ol' grill, grilled mushroom, onions and pan butter-fried potatos from Dad's recipe.  A Jazillion calories!  A nice Zinfandel or Cab/Sav in the glass.

But, if you are by yourself... I can think of worse ways to go out than sitting in one of these Eagle Scout project chairs on Mobile Bay, front row seats to Nature's show.