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Well, I suppose the Social Media photo sharing rulebook states you should space out your posts from a given outing but I thought the last post would serve as a good segue for this one, since they were essentially consecutive.

As I stood there, to my left, a shirtless man in his mid twenties practiced forms from an un-named martial art.   Another mid twenties man walked past me muttering something about my tripod and then pointing to other man and saying to his comrade, (rudely, loudly) "Hey Look, it's the Black Ninja Master!!"

The martial artist looked their way but continued his forms.  He looked at me next, expectedly, ostensibly to take a picture of him.   I smiled back, wrong lens for portraiture, anyway.. turned the headphones up and got to the business of shutter clickity clickity click.

A young couple in their thirties sat on the beach with a blanket with their adopted child.   Mei Zhen, I believe her name was.  Just chilling out - watching the sunset with their 4 year old.

All the while the atmoshphere painted these Air Quotes over the pier, as if to saying "A Pier".