For Saturday, Something Soft.

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My little girl picked these roses out for her mother, last weekend for Mother's Day.   I thought she did great.  At 7 she seemed to have this natural ability to pick out roses with good uniformity and minimal disoloration and damage on the outer petals.     Which makes me wonder, "How did she know to do that?"

Is that nature, is it an instinct? If so, why don't my son and I have that instinct?  

I go to pick flowers by quantity, by price (more is better, right?) or by some hidden misunderstood map legend in my mind that equates certain colors with certain conveyances..  (Red is passion / Love, White is friendship.. )

That's the extent we dumb guys get things and even that is a stretch for us. 

Yet, as Jena looked through the flowers, she seemed to immediately recognize the attribute of each flower and in her mind score the collection in some Eidetic way as compared to the others.   She just sort of waved her hand over them and said "these" with the same level of assurance that I would imagine a florist would have.

In fact, the extent of my analysis ended at the recognition that the concentric circle seems to recur in nature.   Orbital patterns, the cross-section of the mantles of earth, the many layers of the atmosphere, the age rings at the cross-section of a tree trunk.   Gobstoppers in nature.

Anyway, good job to Jena. Her mom liked the floweers and they lasted even til today, over a week later.