Life by the Bay

Life by the Bay

I've been organizing my shots from last year -- getting ready to pick up and shoot a bunch more this spring and summer, picking up the bottom of the barrel, as they say.

This one has been in my //TODO folder for a bit.   I really liked it because it was of one my favorite spots and I love how the colors dance and tweak in the twilight in Fairhope in the evenings.  Ironically, I didn't do much to the color to get this effect.

Still, I had this image stashed away, awaiting various tweaks before I called it "done" -- because I planned to make a print of it for my Office wall.  I'm developing this theme of B&W/Color Alternating prints that I think will work well for this room I spend so much time in.   Over the fall, I donated so many prints that the bare walls have been a drag!

Finally, this evening I found a little time to work on the contrast and the crop, boosted some details saturated lightly. (Less than you might think!)

Pretty happy with the result!