The Drunken Do-Over!


 If you couldn't tell, this isn't going to be a high-minded post.

The first shot I ever had on Flickr Explore was a shot of this replica Torii.   I never was satisfied with that shot and was looking forward to a do-over!

One Challenge:

On my trip to Disney this year, a good friend's birthday fell on the day we were to be @ Epcot.   How else to celebrate a friend's birthday than to 'drink around the world'-showcase?  

I'd like to recount to you the thoughtful setup of this shot.  
The minutes spent trying to perfectly frame the shot to balance the elements and light… Waiting for that perfect moment between stroller-wielding tourists.  Setting the perfect aperture and struggling for the right perspective…

Alas, it wasn't like that at all.

It went something like this..

"Man, those frozen-alcoholic-whatever-they were drinks at France were great, oh look a Sake stand -- wait, let me snap this shot real quick.   Click Click Click Click Click. 'Cuse me ma'am, a cold sake for me, please. Do you have a large?"

Enjoy your Tuesday.