For Pete's Sake..

 My little girl is cracking me up tonight..   Summer sleep hours.  She and her brother are still not real comfortable sleeping in their new rooms. (Even though the rooms are pretty awesome)    So far, this summer it has been like a constant slumber party in the living room.   Watching movies into the night until they pass out... Sleeping in the next morning until around 10 am. 

My office is just off the living room..
I'm in my office jamming away, doing some android development (I have like three apps to release tonight) and my daughter comes in and just starts rambling. (Like me.)   She talks about 100 things in 60 seconds and it occurred to me that if I didn't know she was tired, I would swear she'd been drinking.
"Another chocolate milk, Barkeep - and keep em' coming.  Long night ahead."