Ain't for Sale


 Upstairs inside the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida -- there is a section made up in a very Disney-fake-but-cool fashion, to be like 1950's America.    Outside an old shoppe, across from a model of the 1950's home, an older couple hang out and discuss with visitors what things were like in the 1950s.

I stopped and talked to the couple for awhile.  The typical conversation where a more "seasoned" participant pontificates on America's current state as a superpower, the price of Oil, the location in which our clothes are manufactured and the polarization of the economy.   

I didn't have the heart to tell the fella, I was just looking for somewhere to buy a fountain drink for a nickel. :)
So, this Harley is all original, except for the leather seat.  Still runs.   Sorry, American Pickers, it is not for sale.  

I'm not sure the year.   '54?