into the... blue?


..into the.. blue?
Yesterday, we did a trip to the Pensacola Lighthouse to watch the Blue Angels practice.   My buddy, Brody, called it vertical hiking -- I like that.  :)

We traversed a billion or so steps and noticed ominous stress cracks and other such anomalies, for a trip to the top of the lighthouse to watch the Blues practice.  I think everyone that attended had a great time -- I know that I did.     

I wanted to share this shot from the event because I find it odd.   The sky, was blue in most places.   I didn't do anything in post to de-color the sky in this shot.  In fact, all that I did was boost the contrast and crop in a bit, yet the sky looks grey.     I thought that was kind of interesting. 

I don't remember the exact atmospheric condition when I clicked the shutter button.  The tour guide (who, my brother in law and I are convinced is there only to keep people from throwing things (or themselves) from the top yelled out, "Hey look here they come" and wagged a finger towards the south.   I turned around, zoomed in and clickety, clickety click, this is what I got.

I'm sure some photography wizard out there can justify the grey appearance in terms of some mathematical algorithm of light intensity divided by focal length divided by the wavelength of blue in the UV spektrum, times pi over the price of eggs in Hawaii.  

meh.  I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share the shot.. ;)