Some Sony Redemption...

So, awhile back I posted a general post about the sadness of the state of product support, in the electronics industry.

A call to Sony provided an example exchange of the customer service sadness.    

Well, Sony "did me right" so I didn't want to be one of those folks who only writes the negative.

The recap:  My Alpha A77 camera screen was scratched in some Mardis Gras mayhem.    Recalling a previous Alpha camera had a protective film on the screen, I attempted to locate that protective film on the screen and managed to pull back the corner of the LCD screen with my prying fingernails.    

I just made it worse and I'm not one to be hard on gear.  I tend to keep things pristine.
Understanding the fault was my own and expecting to pay for the repair, I engaged Sony for a replacement LCD. They expressed that I would have to mail the camera to them for an estimate.  Of course, any damage I did to the LCD wouldn't be covered under warranty.

Yesterday, Sony shipped the repaired camera back to me, for delivery this week.  
Free of charge.

Thanks for doing me right, Sony.  I'm excited to have two fantastic cameras to work with now.