The Most Realistic D800 "first impressions" you'll ever read...

So, today around dinner time, the big brown van pulled up and delivered this little guy.

I'll post a more complete review in a week or so after I get some time with the camera.    Running outside to snap a DSC_0001 of the ol' trusty rose bush beside my house, just doesn't seem comprehensive.

First impressions?   The D800 is little.   I'm thankful I have little-tiny-midget-like fingers.   The camera grips well in my hand.    If you are a recent draft pick for the NBA or NFL..  The grip may be a touch too small for you.
The autofocus and metering is pretty fantastic.  The shutter sound is.. different.  Not as crisp and "toned" as some crop sensor Nikons and Sonys that I've shot.  Power up time is fast.   Button layout is good, albeit not really creative or much of a design departure for any other Nikon.

In fact... that leads to the only bad thing I can say about the camera, as of yet..  After reading reviews and expectations, first impressions and dialogs of speculation, I half expected to be more blown away.   The box didn't unwrap itself.  Food still tastes, pretty much the same.   My car still gets similar gas mileage.   My hair has still fallen out.  I, so far, seem unaffected by the reality distortion field surrounding this camera.  

Given the hoopla of the D800,.. I half expected a beer commercial-like scene to somehow take place around me after opening it.    Bikini models would bring me a Guinness and children would ask for my autograph.  The President would call for congratulatory advice and I would broker a deal for world peace.

Apparently, the D800 is just a camera, after all.  ..and from my first experiences... a pretty darned good one.