Standing Beneath the Spanish Moss, you can't help but feel that you've been transported through time, to an era dominated by giant Iguanas and featherless birds..

With my D800 not arriving until Monday and my A77 still in the shop, I considered renting a camera body for the ESCC Photo Walk.   I also considered picking up another "cheap" Micro 4:3's camera for the event.  

Instead, I took my Nikon N90S 35mm Film Camera.  I'm so glad that I did.   Shooting with film again, really made me focus on technique and camera handling.. It forced me to be more thoughtful in shots, light, my surroundings and composition.  I only went through two rolls (one B&W and one Color) but I'm pretty sure something good will come back from the North Coast Process and Scan Service.

I had a blast today at the Eastern Shore Camera Club - "Brody Bunch" - Photo walk @ Blakeley.
It was really great to get to see everyone, especially since I haven't been able to make the last two meetings.  
It was super-cool to get to finally meet  in real life and hang out a bit!

This, was taken with a 3rd Generation iPad.   It is composed of two shots that were stitched together in photoshop and some various de-coloring stages in Nik..