Join us Saturday, 3/24 for a Spring Photo Walk


Epic Weather is here and Spring has certainly sprung on the Gulf Coast.  Come join us for a photo walk at Historic Blakeley State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama from 9:30am to 12:30pm CST on Saturday March 24, 2012. Organized by the Eastern Shore Camera Club and led by Flickrite, all-around nice guy and nature photography Extraordinaire, Brody J.

It'll be "loose and fun".  Stay with the group or do your own thing, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for photographic goodness along the nature trails and the Mobile Bay Delta.
Event page on the face space intarwebs:

I'll definitely be there.   You don't need a high dollar camera to attend..  I may or may not have a camera with me.  I'm at the mercy of Sony's Laredo Repair Center and    If no camera materializes this week, I'll just use a Camera Phone or iPad.

Speaking of iPad..  Being camera-less, I stepped out and snapped this with the iPad.   Looks as if they have the camera significantly improved in this iteration!