Meet Ace (He Needs a Home)

Meet Ace (He Needs a Home)
We tried to adopt this little guy over the weekend.  We kept him for a 'trial run' over night.  
He was great with my kids and in/around the house but my son's allergies got out of hand really quickly. 
(Which was strange b/c this part lab/ part hound mix isn't really known to be an highly - allergenic breed)
My son's dog allergies are off the chart - so we didn't get the Adopt Ace. Sunday, he went back to his temporary home.

Ace is about a year old, pretty much fully grown but with a good bit of puppy playfulness.  He's a Baldwin County Humane Society Rescue dog from Summerdale currently residing in a home/kennel in Daphne.
If you know someone looking for a family dog, I couldn't imagine a better fit.
Baldwin County Humane Society Posted about him yesterday on facebook here:

and they have some info on their site here:

Adoption fees are waived in December and the dogs come with some rudimentary free obedience training, either in-home or on-site with the trainer.
Like I said, if you know someone looking for a great family dog you can contact the Baldwin County Humane Society at this number:

251-928-4585 ext 100 or (toll free) 1-800-547-6518 (Mon-Thru 9am-4pm CST).