The Prehistoric Waterfront

The Prehistoric Waterfront

For the weekend, I picked up a Nikon 14-24mm from to use for a holiday photowalk in Fairhope, Alabama on Sunday.

I've added this lens to my Amazon cart half a dozen times but haven't followed through b/c of the $1800 price tag.

Getting familiar with the lens today at Historic Blakeley Park, a few miles from my home I took this shot on the waterfront.  

So far, I'm thinking.. the next time this gets added to my cart, it'll probably get ordered! ;)


Mossy Beginings

Another one from this outing... 

A-HA!  Well, not really A-hA!  More like.. mehhm...

Okay, before you get critical and say, this is too busy or is poorly composed or weirdly processed, I just gotta say:

6 times I've walked past this tree and tried to get a shot of the whole tree in the frame.   6 times!   I just can't find the right way to shoot this tree!!  

Plus, I believe the park officials would be grumpy with me if I brought a machete with which to clear things out of the frame :)

So, this is one of those "I learned 100 ways to not make a lightbulb moments.."

..  Plus.. It's still an interesting enough scene that I wanted to share, even though I'm not thrilled with the composition.

..and finally..

Delta Sunset

 I arrived at Blakeley Park around 4pm CST.   I've tried a number of times to get in around sunset and always get smited by something pedestrian.  Last time I attempted, it was the small order of cash.

It costs a token amount to enter and I had zero american presidents at my disposal. 

Plus, I doubted this place has a card swipe machine or RFID google wallet reader :)

This time!  --  Ohh this time I was prepared..   I scooted off with a crisp $10 bill and made it to the gate at 4.    The park guy was great, recommending that I be gone by 5:30.  As he put it, not for his convenience but so that I wouldn't be eaten by an alligator or carried off by mosquitos.    

The latter was more likely.

As I walked down the boardwalk  I heard plenty of critters below and I couldn't help but feel for the men who were tasked with building this boardwalk.   Do they have snake-repellent boots?

At any rate, this is one of the first times I've been able to get a shot of this particular scene that I'm pleased with.  In part because of the loaner lens, in part because of the good light and in part b/c of the cool atmosphere.    I hope you enjoy!