Alien Sunset

Mercury Sunset

As an idle-passerby'r in this universe and reader of things beyond my intellect, I have a passing fascination with Quantum Physics.  My daughter asked me one day about a Quantum Physics book I was reading, I explained it to her ( for now ) that Quantum Physics is the construct of made-up/probably never applicable physics. 

She's 7.  Usually, she just blinks, calls me silly and goes about her day of DS/Wii/Homework/Cartoons/Kid-Dom.

Quantum Physics is really impossible for someone of my practical mindset to grasp.   Particles with hard-to-imagine behaviors.   For instance, a particle, that if you were to imagine it as a playing card (a standard plane of n width and infinite planal surface), that you could flip the playing card over and see not only the suit, the number but also any infinite number of other supposed "states'.

I mean.. What the hell?   Playing cards with two sides but infinite states?  Who thinks this crap up?

Some of my favorite ideas borrowed from Quantum Physics are the ideas that for every possible outcome of a situation there are matching infinite universes based on those outcomes.    Maybe that means there is a universe where I attended enough college and neglected enough video games in order to understand this stuff.   

I guess, somewhere, there are other pBranes housing universes where the sun doesn't set in the colorful display we see but maybe the sun sets onto silvery lakes of molten Mercury.   I visited this alternate universe recently, and captured this shot.

Or.. I used an IR filter in post. Which-ever.

Intradimensional travel vs photoshop filters.  They are virtually the same thing, anyway.  Until someone flips over the cosmic playing card...