Isn't it fascinating, the different lifestyles people live in?  This shot, taken on the Mobile Bay Causeway, I think illustrates the point well.  

This area of land is considered Spanish Fort.   Spanish Fort PD patrol it anyway.  I've been.. let's say.. kindly questioned.. on occasion shooting photos in an abandoned hotel just north of where this shot was taken.
The Median Household Income of Spanish for in the 2010 Census, is listed as $65,000.  The average home vale is $193,000.   

I live in Spanish Fort, today.   This is actually the second time I've been a resident of this town.   The first time, we were homeless and living at the aforementioned hotel shortly after my parents burned down our house/trailer in an attempt to collect insurance money.

I've seen boat/houses like this parked along the North side of the causeway since we moved here in 1993.   They fascinate me.   This represents a freedom that my mortgage-chained suburban mind can hardly fathom.   In my mind's eye, this parcel is occupied by a Vietnam Vet, whose chosen a life of solitude that matches many Jimmy Buffet song-line.

Granted, this could be someone's fishing camp but let a guy's imagination go wild, won't ya?  :)