That Old, Familiar Feeling


That Old Familliar Feeling
Over the last few weeks, I've been attempting to ramp back up for some photography.   

I have some work still to do, on my timing.      I leave the house(my office) with intent to catch a sunrise or sun-set and always seem to get smite'd by traffic or a phone call or... some other bit of life that jumps in the way.  Partly I just don't have the feel for "deploying" from the new house for after-work photo outings.    Living in my old town, Robertsdale, I knew the traffic patterns like grizzled old farmers know the rain seasons.

On top of this, my work schedule this year has been a monumental juggling act.   I can't really get into specifics but I CAN say that I'm basically working 13 hour weekdays and 8 hour weekend/days - 7 days a week.   Some for my programming career and others related to some start-up projects for colleagues & friends.   All things that fit in the work column - not the life column.  

I'm not complaining, mind you.   I've been blessed to have stayed healthy and had the opportunity to work on these things but boy, what a pace! :)

Regular ol' 48 hours weeks are going to feel so/easy by comparison, sometime early next year.

But today, it happened.   I made a sunset by jetting out my door to the nearest body of water, right at 5pm.    I used the NEX-7 because of it's convenient carry/size.   The Sony NEX-7 is really turning into my go/to camera for all misdemeanor trespassing photo outings.   The compact size is totally great for being on-the-move.  I like the menu system and the swivel screen allows for some interesting angles.   The 24 megapixel sensor isn't too shabby after all.  The resulting images feel lightning-fast in post processing compared to the 36 megapixel RAW monsters coming from my D800.

The D800 will still be my Go/To for most above-board photo activities but in cases where I may land in the back of a police car for my antics -- the NEX-7 is definitely my bud.  Hey Sony, there's you a marketing campaign :) 

For this shot I drove past two no trespassing signs and parked my car stealthily between two boats that were hauled out on the shore.    This wasn't exactly a black op.   Despite 2 more signs warning that this area was for owners and club members only, I apparently looked as if I belonged because no one challenged my shutter-happy presence.

It was another epic Gulf Coast sunset and this photo doesn't even begin to do it justice.
It sure felt great being out, shooting again!