A long time from now, at a vacation destination, far-far away


During the first couple of weeks of the year, my wife and I have this unintentional, yet consistently timed habit of starting to make vacation plans for the following year.  It always starts very aspirational.   

"We're going to Europe this year!"

"We're going to California."  

"We're going to Niagara Falls.""We're going to Disney!"

.. 60% of the time, we don't end up going anywhere.   The other 40% of the time, we end up at Disney World.  So much so, that "Disney" has become a unit of measurement at our house.    

You can use "Disney" to describe how long it takes to get to Gatlinberg, from here.
  - "That trip is as long as Disney!"

or.. to describe how long it will take to get to my relatives in Indiana (whom I do love, dearly):

 - "Disney's closer."

This year, I used "Disney" as a unit of measurement for U.S. Currency.  My wife spec'd a trip for summertime and it was a full $1800 more than last year.   

  - "Geez, hon, for that much we could go to Hawaii!"

Turns out.  We actually can.   

Am I saying we're going to Hawaii this year?  Right now, we think we are. Based on available January-Family-Trip-Planning-And-Follow-Through metrics, there is roughly a 60% chance we'll stay home, drink Kona coffee and Pong Juice and watch Lilo & Stitch on the projector outside.

Still, it's fun to dream.  

Been to Hawaii?   What Island do you recommend and why?

Planning a trip this year?  Where to??