Private Beach Somewhere..


 Wouldn't it be awesome for some mega celebrity to owe you a big favor and let you borrow their hookup for epic-secluded vacation destinations?    Notice, I went "the favor" route.  Because I think being a celebrity probably isn't worth the hassle, riches or not.

When I listen to Jimmy Buffet's song, Autour du Rocher, despite not quite fitting with the song-line, I often envision the servants, workers, groundskeepers and other help" of Necker Island partying in this secluded paradise when the celebrity guests and Richard Branson are no longer around.  

For me, Seclusion is an essential quality of what makes something paradisical. (That's not a real word.  I hereby INVENT it!! )  In fact, in my ideal fantasy beach, no one else is invited.   Not my family, not my friends, no mythical creatures, not Clark W. Griswold's hawaiian Pool/Lingerie counter babe.   No one!  No Soup for you!   It isn't that I don't like people, I often do find people whose company I enjoy to keep but the mental image of a tropical paradise sort of resonates with me as a comfy hut amidst a lush tropical surrounding with an open patio, mere steps away from the tide.    A couple of chairs to lounge in, catch a book or listen the ipod.

Endless fulfillment of drink and food orders without ever seeing another person. I'd like a Mojito.  WOW -- Lookie here, a Mojito.  As if Q from STTNG evacuated Oahu for a private stay with the twitch of his nose.  (Or was the Jeannie?)

But, I'm a resident of a small redneck town that lives in a small redneck house in a small redneck community.   These sorts of things aren't in my grasp... or... are they!?

I absolutely love our winters here.   After work on this day, I found my way to the public park at the foot of the Alabama-Florida state line.   iPod playing, it was just me, a tripod & camera with not a soul around.   In fact, I never saw another human being the entire walk.  

Standing by the Gulf, music playing, waves lapping in and not seeing another soul around... is a little creepy... and ... a lot of AWESOME.

I hope your return work week is going well!