The Sun Rises on a New Year


It is an exceedingly rare event for me to witness a sunrise.   I live about 20 miles from the Gulf and I am not a morning person :). However, this day I felt compelled to make my way to the Public Beach at Gulf Shores.    I envisioned this shot in my head on the way down but I was really surprised by the rays shooting up from the horizon.  I think it turned out much better than my "plan."  Though, I can take no credit for that..

I once heard it said that..

God is a master painter and the sky is His canvas.

..and I never really caught the meaning until I started this photography project and became a better observer of nature...

I suppose we all return to work, this week.    As such, my posts will be a bit more spaced, probably two or three days between posts for a week or so while I get back into the groove.